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Today, Ledo is the largest Croatian producer of industrial ice cream and the largest distributor of frozen foods, and therefore it is no surprise that Ledo products are present in virtually every household.Today, Ledo is the largest Croatian producer of industrial ice cream and the largest distributor of frozen foods, and therefore it is no surprise that Ledo products are present in virtually every household.The wide assortment of Ledo products – ice cream, frozen fruits and vegetables, frozen fish, dough, ready-made meals and meats, is continually being supplemented with new innovative products that meet the high standards of Ledo consumers. Recognisable, always loved and very popular, Ledo wins customers over with its excellent supply of diverse products, premium quality and modern appearance.

A combination of tradition and cutting edge technology
Ledo is constantly working to introduce new technology and to perfect the production process, and is constantly maintaining the highest possible standards in the area of distribution and quality. More than 500 refrigerators equipped with cutting edge technology ensure that products reach sales locations in the shortest possible time. Moreover, more than 100,000 cooling devices at the most attractive locations throughout the region ensure that customers can obtain their favourite frozen products at any time.

Social responsibility as a priority
In addition to constantly maintaining a premium product quality level, Ledo is also concerned about socially responsible operations, and continued care about nature and the environment. Environmental protection is one of the Ledo's strategic goals in operations, as care for our surroundings is important for the coming generations and future fans of Ledo products. By ensuring tasty and healthy frozen products, Ledo also advocates a healthy life and healthy diet.
Since the very start, Ledo has worked towards achieving the satisfaction of its customers, consumers and other interested parties, and this is a goal that it has successfully achieving for more than half a century. Its vast experience, readiness to react to any market challenge and continued investments in production, distribution and personnel guarantee its market leader position in the future.


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Soft Ice Cookie

Ledo has prepared a genius new invention that is sure to be an instant delight, theSoft Ice Cookie ice cream cup. This is the first ice cream created in industrial production to have a soft texture, even at -18°C, so that you can enjoy this ice cream as soon as you take it out of the freezer.

The special secret is hidden within Ledo's innovative recipe that gives it a soft texture, while the perfect combination of the finest flavours is sure to win you over. Taste this sensation that is sure to sweep you off your feet with the very first bite, with this irresistible vanilla flavoured ice cream with cocoa cookie pieces, and a rick dark chocolate sauce and crispy waffle sprinkles.

There is no need to wait! Grab this ice cream and give in to the unique ice cream combination in Soft Ice Cookie. Don't forget #nelomizlicu (#dontbreakthespoon) to share your delight over your new favourite ice cream with all your friends on social networks!

  As the largest producer and distributer of frozen goods in both Croatia and the region, Ledo has recognised the potential of the Croatian HoReCa capacities, and adapted to meet their diverse needs.  
  With its vast lines of high quality products, Ledo offers HoReCa facilities various types of ice cream, frozen pastries, frozen fruits and vegetables, frozen fish, frozen ready-made meals and frozen meats. Mutual trust, product quality and a strong distribution network are the main reason why our products are present in just about every HoReCa enterprise.  
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01 August 2018


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