Zvijezda d.d.is the largest producer of edible oils in Croatia and the only producer of margarine, mayonnaise, and mayonnaise-based products. Zvijezda is the main producer of ketchup. It follows world trend and develops new products in accordance with these trends. It offers consumers the value they expect: high quality, modern packaging and economically standardized products. Consumers have shown their loyalty by purchasing Zvijezda's products for over 100 years.

Zvijezda has been at the pinnacle of the of the Croatian food market for over 100 years. With its product lines such as Zvijezda, Margo and Omegol, it meets the needs of even the most demanding consumers. Zvijezda's products are made of natural, carefully selected high-quality ingredients through technological processes that preserve all their valuable substances.

In addition to the products it produces, Zvijezda distributes the following products under its name. as well: vinegar, frying oil, pumpkin seed oil, additives, olives, canned vegetables, tomato sauces. It also distributes cheese produced by the Belje Company, olive oil and cheese produced by the Agrolaguna Company, products of the Dijamant Company, Zott and Lessafre.


 01 ulja 2018 300x300  margo vitamin d 300x300 03 omegol cat 2018 300x300 
Oil Margo Omegol
 04 margarin 300x300  05 majoneza 300x300  06 ketchupi 300x300
 Margarine  Mayonnaise  Ketchup
 08 umaci 2018 new 300x300  09 ocat 300x300  10 masline 300x300
 Sauces  Vinegar  Olives
11 konzervirano povrce 1 300x300 Zvijezda Umaci 300x300 francuska salata 200 g novi dizajn 1 300x300
 Preserved vegetables  Pasta sauces  French salad
zvijezda slag 300x300   kokosova mast 300x300
Whipped cream  Coconut fat
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29 August 2018


Food, Not frozen



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    31015 – CONEGLIANO (TV)


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  • tonon@foodfromitaly.eu

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