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Since 1997 roasting and packaging the finest coffee blends pods and capsules.

The careful selection of the most prized variety of activity and experience in the specific field of import and roasting of coffee. The careful selection of the most prized varieties, imported directly from the place of origin, the wise roasting and blending, the constant monitoring of every stage of production, give our coffee that body and that aroma insurmountable peculiar characteristics of the true Italian Espresso.

The secret of a good coffee

The secret of a good coffee is contained in the raw material, in roasting and operations that will bring warm and fragrant on our table. Our production is characterized by great attention Artisan say in the evaluation and selection of raw and cooked coffee beans and roasting, which guarantees freshness and quality, qualities not found in industrial mixtures.

The Production

The production is mainly dedicated to the packaging of coffee in different optimal solutions for all your needs. From the pods, capsules, until coffee beans or ground coffee is vacuum envelope in a jar. In addition, we pack coffee for others, sure to meet the needs of industry professionals. Since 2006, in order to guarantee its customers the best blends of coffee, Mo’ka manages every stage of the production process, from the selection of raw materials, the composition of the blends, roasting to packaging, machines with high technology. Mo’ka seeks to satisfy through the experience and innovations acquired every customer request by providing, in addition, a wide range of products for distribution.



Whole bean


ground coffee


  • Selected High Quality Ingredients
  • Careful manufacture without edges
  • Fresh and modern look
  • A transparent tray to see the product entirely


Coffee pods and capsules

  • Traditional shortcrust pastry made only with high quality butter
  • Ideal tarts for a more rich taste and for consumers who love traditional products



Tea capsules

  • Perfect for a careful consumer to a modern food style
  • Only the most appreciated fillings: Apricot and Berries

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