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For more than five generations the family Casimirri operates in the territory, still consolidating its experience over the years. Our farm is specialized in the production of wine and extra virgin olive oil. All our products are treated in a traditional way, according to ancient customs, handed down by our fathers. We are glad ti offer to our clientonly high quality products at a very competitive price.

Our vineyards

We have about 20 hectares of vineyards whose plantation dates back more than fifty years ago. The maintenance and care of the vineyard are still made manually by elderly farmers. The grapes are harvested during the coolest daily bands and processed in the cellars in a very short time to mantain the most of freshness. To obtain high-quality grapes and then the best wine possible, we often have to sacrifice the production chain in order to achieve the best result.

Our Barrels

The processing plant is technologically advanced: electronic control of the temperatures, latest generation filtering system and silos in newly developed steel containers. The wine can thus circulate, induced within the shaft. Allowing the fragrances and flavors to mix in an exceptional way.

 Our Catalogue


   Bag In Box  

     The Bag-in-Box, abbreviated in B-i-B, is a container of plastic material inside a cardboard box. Often used as wine dispenser, can contain also other kinds of liquids and even more or less dense food! This combination is the answer to different requirements: practicality and packaging Security; Storage; Transport; Communication; Use Sector.
WHILE the bags can Presenting An excellent barrier to gas, the carton is in A Major Resistance accidental contact with sharp or pointed objects. InOLTRE cartons can be more easily handled and Stored with standard equipment by optimizing Conservation. InOLTRE The box made of cardboard can, where necessary, forms and graphics become the communication tool and marketing typically come from the case for consumer packaging. Compared to the simple bag, the box represents an also Subject More intuitive to use (tapping of the Content). Typically the cap / dispenser IS Done Exit From An opening prefustellata positioned pressoterapia One of the support bases of the box, allowing the escape of Severity Content From bag.
The typical sizes in liters Bag-in-box wine are 3-5 – 10 – 20. 


Bag in Box catalogue
 bag in box il torchio di concetto cantine casimirri        in box montepulciano dabruzzo bag casimirri
 White/red wine Torchio "Concetto"  3lt        Montepulciano d’Abruzzo DOP 2017 5lt
 popbox casimirri vino rosso        popbox casimirri vino rosso retro
     White/rose/red/Passerina/Pecorino wine  3lt
bag in box 20l pecorino 571x800       bag in box passerina 20lt 571x800
      White/rose/red/Passerina/Pecorino wine  5-10-20 lt


    Classica Line Lu Giò    
gio cerasuolo abruzzo dop 2019 gio montepulciano abruzzo dop 2019  gio passerina lu gio cantine casimirri  gio pecorino lu gio cantine casimirri  gio trebbiano lu gio cantine casimirri 

Cerasuolo d’Abruzzo DOP 2017

Montepulciano d’Abruzzo DOP 2017 Colli Aprutini Passerina IGP 2017 Colli Aprutini Pecorino IGP 2017 Trebbiano d’Abruzzo DOP 2017


     Montepulciano d'Abruzzo DOP
montepulciano personalmente bianco 1  montepulciano personalmente rosso 1  montepulciano personalmente confezione 2  montepulciano personalmente tricolore 1  montepulciano personalmente verde 1 

Line Personalmente 

  Superior Line Concetto
montepulciano abruzzo concetto 2019 571x799  montepulciano abruzzo concetto 
Montepulciano d’Abruzzo DOP “Concetto” - LIMITED EDITION


vino moscato dolce sofia cantine casimirri vino passerina extra dry ines casimirri vino spumante extra dry ines cantine casimirri
Sofia Moscato Dolce Vino Spumante Extra Dry INES Rosè Vino Spumante Extra Dry INES




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