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Tenute Gebelias




Tenute Gebelias farm boasts a very important history; It was born in the early years of the last century from the love, passion and work on the fields.

A work that is result of the experience of several generations, of important teaching and attachment to the ground, and do continues to this day.

Gebelias company is proud to be producing four excellent quality Wines and a great Grappa


    Battaglie line

The Karam, a selection of Cannonau grapes picked up from the hills close to Gebelias upland, in Barisardo area. A wine with fresh mixted herbs aromas from Mediterranean scrub.

The Amistral, a selection of Vermentino grapes picked up in Sardinia.  A wine with both flowers and fresh fruit soft aromas.

The Riak, a selection of Cannonau rosé grapes DOC made by the vineyard planted in Gebelias area. A wine where both cherry and flowers notes are suddenly manifested.

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This line, which we called Battaglie, consists of three high quality wines: Karam Cannonau DOC of Sardinia, Amistral Vermentino DOC of Sardinia, Riak Cannonau Rosé Doc of Sardinia.

We chose the idea of the three battles to express both strength and value of these sardinian products , which we hope can soon reach tables and markets all over the world.

 They are ancient battles, performed during Nuragic era on land, sea and air, so as it used to happen in ancient times. They are symbols of our Land, they are the famous bronzetti with shield (translator’s note: sardinian small bronze statues) (also knowns as 4-eyes-and-4-arms warriors), popular nuragic boats, heroic Shardana archers with bow and arrows.

They have been intentionally designed using a cahotic geometry but at the same time with simple and clean lines.




 Gebel line

The Gebel, symbol of the winery, our blend, a selection of Cannonau, Carignano, Cabernet and Sangiovese grapes. All grapes come from the vineyard located on the hills close to Barisardo upland. A wine that shows itself with an intense and lasting bouquet with vanilla and cinnamon aromas, and with a strong memory of Mediterranean scrub. Softness and elegance are the typical characters of this wine. From Cannonau grape marc of this wine arises Gebel’s spirit grappa, with an elegant and sensual bouquet and strong, spicy, balsamic notes which are characteristic of that variety.

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This product line (wine and grappa) was born in honour of the upland of the same name in Gebelias place, close to which the hills where our vineyards are planted rise up. The upland (called “Gebel” that in arabic means “mountain”) and sourrinding areas are famous for the important archeological discoveries. In particular, during the soil settlement for the planting of vineyard, several askoide pitchers have been found. They were probably used to pour out, sell and export wine, which has been produced for ages on this upland, to all the Mediterranean sea. We recently readjusted and graphically reworked our labels, enphatising the remarkable beauty of these amphoras full of precious and unique decorations.


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